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Product Design Consultation

Ninja Design Solutions offers assistance to individuals, start-ups and established companies looking to release new products or improve upon existing ones.

10 Product Design Tips

1. Research existing products and existing solutions

2. Understand your position on intellectual property

3. Don’t just copy the competition!

4. Looks aren’t everything. Usability is key

5. Enhance your design with emerging technology

6. Explore the use of different materials and production methods

7. Provide a rewarding experience for your customers

8. Don’t assume you know what the end user is looking for

9. Prototype as often as financially possible

10. Find a manufacturer that can deliver to your expectations

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"These guys are Rock Stars when it comes to developing an idea. Very professional and produce exceptional work. They get back to you very quickly as well. I will definitely use them again in the future, and refer others to them."

- George, Loveland, OH

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