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Our advanced engineering services are meticulously designed to provide efficient and sustainable solutions and results over long periods of time.

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Concept Development

Think of this as a consulting service where you hire an expert critical thinker to propose possible solutions.  No doubt you’ve heard the term “outside the box thinking” (pretty cliché right)? Sometimes that’s exactly what you need. We’ll put our heads together and spend some time focusing on ways to approach your problem.


3D Modeling & Rendering

Once we know exactly what we want, we’ll generate a 3D model of your concept.  Depending on our goals we will determine the detail and effort needed for the job.  In any event, your design is created in a premier 3D design and engineering package and can be made available to you.

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Mechanical Analysis

What's the maximum weight my product can hold?  How far will that part bend?  Can we remove more material?  Those are questions we can answer with a mechanical analysis.  Our tools will not only tell us the strength of a part, but if we can remove additional material, thus saving cost.

Engineering Sketch

Drawings & Documentation

Here at Ninja Design Solutions, we can provide drawings for any type of part that you need to have produced.  You may need a technical drawing for a patent or an engineering drawing for manufacturing.  Whether it's re-creating drawings from old documents, detailing a partially complete design, or starting from a blank piece of paper – we can help.

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Profitability Calculations

Accurately predicting profitability of a custom manufactured product can be tricky, especially when you account for all of Amazon's fulfillment fees. We will help you understand both manufacturing costs as well as how the size and weight of your product affect your total profit. We can even design your product in a way to reduce these fees.

Laser Cutting

Prototyping & Manufacturing

Employing proven fabrication technologies and processes, we can take your concept or design and bring it to life. As your liaison, we leverage relationships with qualified vendors as well as loyalty and security with respect to intellectual property. Our supply chain includes suppliers for 3D printing, injection molding, die-casting, metal forming, and CNC production.

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